Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uncle Sam has spoken!

^Just like he says, we're looking for a few Splash Makers to make us Splash's for our Dairanger episodes.
More info here:


Grace Park said...

Can I join in H.O.N.? I'm an experienced designer and I think I'm good for the job. I really liked this show.
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Aoiblue said...

Oh, We would be more then happy for you to join us!

Aoiblue said...

Also, join our forums so we can talk.

Grace Park said...

Sorry guys but an unprecedented thing had happened to my life.
I will be transferred (due to my job) to a place wherein there's no computer and internet.

I 'll get back again as soon as I return to my hometown.

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aoiblue-kun said...

oh my, hopefully it isnt anywhere bad.
Best of luck to you!
We'll be waiting.