Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Updated] Dairanger 23

Fixed the Double Script problem:


Zyurangerfan1983 said...

There's another subtitle below the original that's already been done! What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

will you be finishing the rest of the episodes anytime soon?

Aoiblue said...

The grandmother of one of our Staff members passed away unfortunately, so it has been put on hold until things settle down for him. Though we have a special release coming up soon so please look forward to that ^^;

Anonymous said...

It is being looked at now.


元紀 said...

Hi Aoiblue! This is the first time to visit here, and I was very impressed by this web-site!! I like 'Dai Ranger' the best of all 'Super-Sentai hero', and I like 'Shishi-ranger(Daigo)' the best.
Please keep going this great place!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have tried to download the earlier episodes but it seems the links are missing could you please check as i would like to veiw them