Monday, August 9, 2010

In need of a second Timer.

Yes, this is what I have been discussing with the staff the past few days.
We are in need of a second timer. We have nearly almost all of Dairanger translated (take few episodes here and there), our current timer can only do so much in such amount of time. So, we are looking for someone who could help perhaps, do a batch or even every other episode. But since we are a small group, we would want someone experienced for now.
We have the DVD raws up to episode 30, so you and our current timer will time those. After we buy the last two DVD's we can discuss on how to split those up.

So, if you want to help get out more Dairanger, PM me or a Staff member at the forums or email us at


Anonymous said...

hmm, any chance for softsub releases like by W-Time and MCS?

Aoiblue said...

Well, since we've come this far doing hardsubs, I think we'd like the finish it doing hardsubs :)