Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fonts: 1 or 4?

Hi, this is Aoiblue. I would like to discuss an important topic with everyone, and that has to deal with fonts that we are using currently in Dairanger.
Currently there are 4 different fonts that we are using for the dailogue. Each for The Dairanger's (in suit), Gorma, Byakkoshinken, and everyone else. And of course, there is also making on-screen text among other things. So, as being the typesetter of the series, its quite a handfull to do, especially now that I have just entered college. Now I originally picked these fonts as, at time, I would be doing it for deaf fans who were able to know who was talking in the show. But now as we are far behind then we originally intended to be, I have this question for everyone:
Would you want to watch the shower faster, with just 1 dialogue font, or can wait longer and watch with the other fonts?

Please comment below, every comment counts! It will help us decide what route we will be taking. And yes, we do read every one of them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary.

Yes, today is the 1 year anniversary of Henshin OrganizatioN.
Man time has flown by hasn't it? 24 releases and counting! And although we wanted to release something today, it unfortunately will have to wait, so look forward to that.
But yes, I want to thank all the staff members who have been able to make this day possible, and the fans who have stuck by us, thank you.