Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dairanger 26

Here it is!. We're still in a semi-hiatus, but we are still working up to ep. 30.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yes, sadly as much as I wanted to avoid this, it couldn't be helped. Rather then have people think we are dead, I think it is better that we announce what is going behind the scenes.
In short, real life. A lot of the staff (including myself) have been quite busy, and because of that progress has been slow. We are a small team, and even though we are just doing one project or so, we also are a small team with real lives.
So we decided that we announce this Semi-Hiatus (notice NOT full hiatus) for just a while.
We will still be working on Dairanger, just at a slower pace. After we do get up to ep. 30 (the last on the DVD volume), that should be the deciding factor on whether we get out of a Semi-hiatus, or maybe even go into full.
Also for the J-drama fans, Sky High is also trying to be worked on, but the scripts for most of the episodes are pretty much off, so we need a timer to re-time them.
And we also have plans to sub another vareity show, but this time we may work on that at a much faster pace than the HeiseixShowa SP.