Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer has started!

Okay! So Summer has started for some of us, which means, hopefully we can start on a new Tokusatsu project.
Sadly, it also means we are gonna be putting Sky High on a long hold since right now we have some issues with it behind the scenes.
As said before, we have no plans on doing projects other groups have done (but if they're not really active on it, MAYBE). And we're gonna try to pick a project outside of Sentai. But whichever interests us the most, we will go with that.

Also, if anyone remembers, we did a one-shot project a while back called From Showa Era to Heisei Era! The Great Meeting! I would like to to make a torrent to keep it going, but embarrassingly enough, we don't have the video on our hands anymore. So if ANYONE has it, would they be so kind to upload it to any file-sharing site so we can have it in our hands again? Also if you do, we'll add the link to our blog so others can download it too.

Okay, so we will probably be planning on announcing what project we will do in one month. We will have lots to discuss since this will be our only main priority.